Blessings and curses abound on the sixth Sunday after Epiphany. We would do well to listen closely to whom the "blesses ares" and the "woes tos" are directed and to find our place in the crowd among those who desire to touch Jesus. The risen Christ stands among us in the mystery of the holy supper with an invitation to live in him and the power to heal us all.


ADULTS / 9:15 A.M.  / Room 113

February 17 – “Bridging Borders” - Retired ELCA pastor Mary Pharmer, shares more stories and pictures of her experiences with immigrants on the Texas-Mexico border…Where 1st world and 3rd world meet.

Next Week: Youth and staff from the McFarland Youth Center will shar what's happening, why it matters, and how the Youth Center impacts McFarland.


The US/Mexico border is a unique area where the ‘First World’ meets the ‘Third World’. It is a region where multiple factors (social, political, economic, cultural, environmental) come into play. Mary Pharmer lived in El Paso, on the Tex/Mex border, for the first 3 months of 2018. She volunteered with Annunciation House, living in a house of hospitality for immigrants. People were coming (mostly from Mexico and Central America) seeking safety for their families. Mary has stories and pictures from this time as well as information resources to share.

You are encouraged to come to Room 113 on Sunday, Feb. 10 & 17 from 9:15 to 9:50 am.


in Room 125

Saturday, February 16 at 7:30 am


Celebrate by practicing Hands Only CPR on Sunday, February 17th between 8:45-11:15 am in the Family Life Center.


What: Bowling
Where: Spartan Bowl
Who: Anyone and Everyone!
When: Friday, Feb 22 from 7:00-9:00PM
Cost: $10 +tax

See you there! 


All 2nd Graders

(plus a parent/grandparent/fun adult) are invited to join a Communion Instruction Day in preparation for receiving their First Communion!

Saturdays, March 2 or March 9 at 9:00 am

Receive First Communion:
Sunday, March 10 at 10:00 am

If interested, RSVP by February 26 to the church office at 838-3184


 March, 9th 2019

We need you! Do you dance? Do you sing? Do you play and instrument? Would you like to perform a skit, or recite a poem? We need you for our

Third Annual McFarland Lutheran Talent Show!

On March 9th, at 7:00 pm we will be gathering for a showcase of talent here at McFarland Lutheran Church. We are looking for acts 3-4 minutes in length and they can be just about anything.  A piano recital piece.  A dance recital piece.  A Solo and Ensemble piece.  A musical or theatrical piece.

The MLC staff and other musical groups will be joining the fun for an evening filled with wonderful and light hearted entertainment. There will also be a time for fellowship and wonderful treats. If you are in need of an accompanist, we can provide one.

Please contact Christ Malueg if you have any questions. It’s going to be a fun filled night of great entertainment!

Please join us!


On April 2, a group of 8 people from MLC and 4 from other congregations will be leaving on a mission trip to Uganda. This trip is being led by Hope 4 Kids. Formal dedication of the 2 wells MLC funded will be one of the activities, but we will also participate in activities to dress children, provide school supplies, help support widows and do medical outreach.

You can participate by helping us gather:
School Supplies (crayons, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pens, markers),
Medical Supplies (antacids, over the counter pain relievers, band aids, alcohol swabs, surgical gloves, antibiotic creams),
Gifts for Widows (scarves, lipstick, nail polish, needles & thread, reading glasses, solar powered calculators, toothbrushes),
Infant Clothing, pillowcase dresses for girls and T’s for boys, plus toothbrushes, flip-flops and beanie babies.

Trippers are allowed two 50 pound checked bags free in which we will carry these much needed items to grateful recipients.

For a complete list, please see the Global Mission bulletin board in the grand hallway where you will also find a Hope 4 Kids collection bin.

Thank you for your generous hearts.


If you, a family member, or a friend are admitted to a hospital, please either contact the church office, or indicate that you are from McFarland Lutheran Church. Due to patient confidentiality, it is difficult to obtain timely information. We want to be able to visit you in the hospital, pray with you, and help in any way.


Located in the Central Hallway, Fair Trade items help support small farmers and their communities.

Along with coffee beans and ground coffee, now you can purchase Decaf and Regular single serve cups for your personal coffee makers. You can also try honey, orange marmalade, olive oil, chocolate bars, baking cocoa and tea.


Seasonal affective disorder is a form of a major depressive disorder that occurs during the same season each year and is commonly referred to as the winter blues or winter depression. The Holiday and winter months can bring joy and excitement, but the lack of light can affect anyone. It usually starts in the late fall and early winter and goes away during the spring and summer. Some people do have episodes of depression that start in the spring or summer, but that is a lot less common. Take a look at the Health and Social wellness bulletin board for further information on Seasonal affective disorder.


The “Living Waters of Grace” painting by Paul Oman is now up on its new home: the wall by the baptismal font. This painting was generously supported by Heleen Hayden, as a gift from her family and friends in loving memory of Noel Hayden. We also thank Huldah and Mark Ellestad, for their efforts in preparing and mounting the canvass. Thanks be to God, for the living waters of grace in Jesus Christ!

Watch artist Paul Oman’s “Living Waters of Grace” painting unfold Drawn to the Word. The recording (from the service on May 7) is about 60 minutes in length and the quality isn’t the best. Copywrite 2017 Paul Oman all rights reserved.


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We now have an active Facebook page, complete with photos and announcements of upcoming events. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Landerud at or 838-3184. 




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We hope this website will help introduce you to McFarland Lutheran Church. We are a wonderful mix of children, parents, grandparents, teachers, government workers, trades people, business people, homemakers, health professionals, artists and entrepreneurs claimed by God’s love through Holy Baptism. Some love golfing, some love hunting, some love fishing, some love camping, others love music, the arts and curling up with a good book.

We gather weekly to laugh together, cry together, and support one another as we worship, share fellowship, and receive training as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are sent from our gatherings renewed in faith to reach out and serve our neighbors both here and around the world. 

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Faith Formation for Adults is a wonderful way to spend the 35 minutes between worship services with learning, sharing, and fun fellowship!

February 10“Bridging Borders” - Hear from retired ELCA pastor Mary Pharmer, as she shares stories and pictures of her experiences on the Texas-Mexico border interacting with immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

February 17 – “Bridging Borders” - Retired ELCA pastor Mary Pharmer, shares more stories and pictures of her experiences with immigrants on the Texas-Mexico border…Where 1st world and 3rd world meet.

Please feel free to enjoy your coffee and refreshments while attending Faith Formation.

Faith Formation begins at 9:15 am in Room 113 (turn left at the bottom of the stairs.) This is an ever changing gathering.


The sacraments are incredible gifts given to the Church from God. MLC’s Pastors are adjusting how we approach baptismal preparation. Between now and October we will be meeting one-on-one with families. Beginning in October we will be hosting a quarterly class for families who are interested in baptism. And yes, childcare will be provided. See either Pastor Kelli or Pastor Tim with questions.


Thanks to some generous donors we now have these books available in our church library on the lower level. Visit soon! We have great books, CD’s and DVD’s available!

For Adults:
-Give Us This Day: A Lutheran Proposal for Ending World Hunger by Craig L. Nessan
-Fair Trade for All: How Trade Can Promote Development by Joseph E. Stiglitz
-Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership by Laura Beth Jones
-Surviving in an Angry World: Finding Your Way to Personal Peace by Charles F. Stanley
-Experiencing God: How To Live the Full Adventure of Knowing and Doing the Will of God by Henry T. Blackbaby
-Treasured Stories of Christmas Keeping Secrets (Sadie’s Montana #2) by Linda Byler

Thanks to the generosity of Bonnie Summers, we have these fiction books now available.

For Young Adults:
-Twelve books from the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn
-Ten books from the Sierra Jensen series Robin Jones Gunn

Thank you to everyone who has donated items to our library the last several months. We are working on getting them ready to check out as soon as possible!


Please visit our church library on the lower level! We have many interesting items for young and old!

Click on the following link “MLC Library Information” to view the online church library catalog. You can use the search box to find a particular author or title, or you can just view all the books as they scroll through.

Your church library committee: Carolyn Grede, Deb Alber, and Mary Grell


First Monday each month at 12:45 P.M.

Worship Service/Communion/Music


One of our pastors is always on-call for pastoral emergencies, such as a serious illness or death. Pastor Tim is generally on-call from Thursday to Saturday, and Pastor Kelli is generally on-call from Monday to Wednesday. They alternate Sundays.

You can find out which pastor is on-call by phoning the church office (838-3184). After office hours, the on-call pastor and phone number are listed on the church’s outgoing voice message.

Please do not contact the pastors at home on their respective days off. Pastor Tim’s day off is Monday, and Pastor Kelli’s is Friday. Thank you for understanding the pastors’ needs for sabbath and rest.


- A member of your family is admitted to the hospital so that visits can be made
- Your committee or group plans to have a meeting, or cancel a meeting, so that it can be put on the church calendar or in the bulletin
- Either you home or business telephone number has changed, so that the church records can be corrected
- Your email address has changed
- You are planning to move—out of town or locally
- A new baby arrives in your family
- A death occurs in your family
- You or a member of your family establishes a new residence


Click on, Staff Contact Information to see a list of the Council Members and contact information. Please feel free to contact them.


Click on, Council Contact Information to see a list of the Council Members and contact information. Please contact them with any of your ideas or concerns.


Council Minutes reports the discussions and actions that have been taken by the church council. Look at the November 27th "Council Minutes". Please contact a member of the church council for more details.