Pray and Study

Daily Devotional

Daily devotions are an important means of nurture and comfort in the lives of Christians. These daily devotionals are provided by the Lutheran Hour ministries. More on Daily Devotional.

Daily Bible Reading

Read a Bible verse for today. More on Daily Bible Reading.

Daily Discipleship

Daily discipleship is a series of weekly Online Bible studies designed for personal devotions, small or large groups. Each session can be downloaded and copied for participants, in PDF format or MS Word.Each two-page session includes:

  • Word of Life: biblical background
  • Word Among Us: a connection of the biblical theme with daily life
  • Last Word: a suggestion for applying a faith practice in the coming week.

Length: 45-60 minutes More on Daily Discipleship.

Read the Bible in One Year Plan

You can read the whole bible in one year following this bible reading plan. More on Read the Bible in One Year Plan.

Searchable Bible Translations

You can search a number of different translations of the Bible for your personal or group devotions or study. More on Searchable Bible Translations.

Children and Family Devotions

An important spiritual practice for families is to share daily devotions together. Two resources that we highly recommend are:

Davey & Goliath’s Devotions for Families on the Go

Davey & Goliath’s Devotions for Families on the Go is a 64 page, four-color, quarterly devotional with weekly content designed to help families with children Age 3 - Grade 4 explore and share faith together at home and on the go, in fun, active, real-life ways. Each week is focused on a different Bible story, so each year, families will have the opportunity to explore and experience 52 stories together! More on Davey & Goliath’s Devotions for Families on the Go.

The Little Lutheran

The Little Lutheranis designed for children aged 6 and younger to help them learn about God’s love for them and the world in which they live. We want them to know Jesus as friend and savior too. A monthly 24-page picture book, The Little Lutheran mails directly to the child. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle or friend of a toddler, you can send this publication to show The text is simple or rhymed, so young children can read the stories with adults or on their own. The art is vivid, bold and engaging. All the stories are faith-based, so you’ll be helping to nurture a child’s spiritual awareness from a young age.

The Little Lutheran also contains prayers, songs, Christian biographies, fun activities, rituals and more to help children become aware of God’s presence and activity in and around them. More on The Little Lutherans.

First Communion-5th Grade Educational Event

Our First Communion event here at McFarland Lutheran Church is a family friendly affair, usually held on a Saturday morning after Easter and offered to fifth grade students and a parent or guardian. Younger children in the family are welcome to attend and activities are provided for them as well. The First Communion event begins with breakfast and includes educational interaction for parents and children alike. Some of those activities are:

  • Participating in opening worship
  • Receiving information about the sacrament of Holy Communion
  • Watching a related video
  • Making a family art project
  • Baking bread for the First Communion Celebration
  • Tasting the communion wafers, wine and/or grape juice
  • Learning the details of the First Communion Celebration the following day

Parents are invited to pick up at the church the informational booklet, “A Place for You” by Daniel Erlander, several weeks before the class you are encouraged to read through the booklet before the preparation event. The video viewed is Eating and Drinking in the Word, the Sacrament of Holy Communion, produced by Seraphim Communications, Inc. for Augsburg Fortress Publishing. If you are interested in First Communion please contact our church office at 608-838-3184 or complete the sharing your time and talents form.

Families with children desiring first communion prior to 5th grade and/or a home study of holy communion should also contact our church office at 608-838-3184.

Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) Ministry

Affirmation of baptism ministry.

Pray Chain/Prayer Requests

The McFarland Lutheran Prayer Chain Ministry provides strong prayer support to the people of MLC, our local community and the world beyond. This vital ministry also includes several prayer vigils throughout the year. If you are interested in Pray Chain or Prayer Requests please contact our church office at 608-838-3184 or complete the prayer chain form.

Befriender Training

Befriender Training provides an opportunity to study in ways to the ministry of caring made known to us by Jesus. More on Befriender Training.

Bethel Bible Study

The Bethel Bible Study is a 40-week, in-depth study of both the Old and New Testaments that takes place during a two-year period. Bethel students emerge with a clear understanding of the Bible stories and events and their place in world history. Brock Chalmers is our lead teacher for the Bethel Series. If you are interested in an in depth overview of the entire bible this course is for you. If you are interested in Bethel Bible Study please contact our church office at 608-838-3184 or complete the sharing your time and talents form.

Photo pf Jerry Pribbenow pointing to  whiteboard.

Adult Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study is offered at 9:15 a.m. in Room 113.  We provide courses taught by one of the pastors and courses taught by lay teachers.  Topics .may range from the study of a book of the Bible, to a travelogue/discussion of places and events from the Bible, and study/discussions on how the Bible is relevant in your life.  Please check the church calendar for times and dates.  If you are interested in Adult Bible Study please contact Huldah Ellestad at 608-838-3184 ext.108 or or complete the sharing your time and talents form.


Women’s Circle Bible Studies

Women’s Circle Bible Studies provide the opportunity for Bible Study, fellowship, activities, benevolence giving, and caring ministries. The circles at MLC encourage relationships, strengthen members in discipleship, and help women grow deeper in their faith. If you are interested in Women’s Circle Bible Studies please contact our church office at 608-838-3184 or complete the sharing your time and talents form.


Here at McFarland Lutheran Church the Children & Family library is intended to help people grow in the Christian faith. Resources for all ages are available in the library, located on the lower level between the elevator doors and the stairwell. Books are checked out on a self-serve basis. Bibles are available for general use and are located on a rolling cart in the Central Hallway on the main level. If you are interested in the library please contact our church office at 608-838-3184 or complete the sharing your time and talents form.

Lay School of Ministry

The Lay School of Ministry is an important study opportunity for members of McFarland Lutheran Church. We have three recent graduates of the Lay School. Lay School of Ministry (LSM) classes are designed for:

  • People desiring personal enrichment
  • Lay church staff wishing to enhance their knowledge
  • Those discerning their call to serve the church as a rostered leader
  • Persons desiring to partially fulfill (our program does not fulfill) educational requirements for becoming rostered as an Associate in Ministry, Diaconal Minister or for Ordained Ministry
  • Persons who seek to serve in public ministry within or on behalf of their own congregation as a Congregationally Recognized Partner in Ministry (CRPM)

more on Lay School of Theology.

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