You are invited to worship with us here at McFarland Lutheran Church, experience our fellowship, and get involved in serving God by serving our neighbors. You are always welcome to take part in the life of this congregation at any time.

Becoming a Member

Our purpose is to invite you to grow deeper into Jesus and the community that bears his name. We invite you to go beyond “attending” to making a commitment to Jesus Christ and Christ’s Church here in this place. Why? More about Becoming a Member.


Are you interested in learning more about yourself and how to care for others? The Befriender Ministry here at McFarland Lutheran Church will provide you with training to learn about self-care and care-giving. You will be encouraged to consider using your befriending skills to care for others in this congregation and community. More about Befriender Training.


Do you love to make people feel at home? Here at McFarland Lutheran Church the Hospitality Ministry Team seeks to welcome and nourish the people who gather for worship. They organize and provide for members and guests, opportunities for fellowship which include delicious refreshments, coffee, tea or juice in the Great Hall (near the kitchen).If you are interested in Hospitality Team please contact our church office at 608-838-3184 or complete the sharing your time and talents form.


Do you like meeting new people? Are you interested in providing support and encouragement to those new to this congregation? New Member Sponsors befriend and welcome those who are new to McFarland Lutheran Church. Sponsors are invited to pray for and to form connections with a particular family in the new member class. They familiarize these new members with MLC ministry on a one-on-one basis, introduce them to other members, share faith stories, alert them to Bible study and other educational offerings, and help them discern ways in which they can use their gifts in ministry.


There are times when seeking wise counsel about how we are managing these stresses can be helpful and lead us to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. All of us may benefit from time to time from some wise counsel about how we are managing our lives. More on Spirit of Hope.


The Health and Wellness Vision Team is responsible for identifying the needs of the congregation and surrounding community relating to physical, mental and spiritual health. We also provide and coordinate opportunities for ministry in these areas. More on Health and Wellness Ministry.


Would you like to help identify the needs of MLC youth relating to physical, mental and spiritual health? If you are interested in Yourth Ministry Team please contact our church office at 608-838-3184 or complete the sharing your time and talents form.

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