History of the Child Life Ministries of
McFarland Lutheran Church Christian Preschool

Christian Preschool

CLM Children

In the fall of 1979, the corporation called the Martin Luther Christian Day School was formed.  The corporation consisted of four congregations, Hope Lutheran Church of Madison, First Lutheran and Christ Lutheran of Stoughton and McFarland Lutheran of McFarland.

A satellite preschool program for three, four and five year olds was started at McFarland Lutheran Church in September of 1980.  The first class began with 8 children that attended school in the morning. By January of that year the enrollment had grown to 14 students. In 1981 an afternoon four-year old class was added. In 1982, the addition of a three-year old program brought the total number of children enrolled to about 50 children. In 1984 another classroom was added and the total school enrollment was 80 children. The school continued to grow in enrollment.

In September 1991, the preschool at the McFarland Lutheran Church became a preschool independent of the Martin Luther Christian Day School organization and became the McFarland Lutheran Preschool.  A full daycare program called The Rainbow Center was added.

In 1993, McFarland Lutheran Preschool and Rainbow Center became Child Life Ministries of McFarland Lutheran Church.

CLM at the fire department

The Preschool presently serves 120 children per school year (on average) with four 4 year old classes and three 3 year old classes.

Rainbow Center Daycare

The parsonage / annex next to the Church was converted into a full-day childcare facility and the Rainbow Center in August of 1992.  Only children enrolled in the Preschool may use the Rainbow Center.

School Age Care Program

A Kindergarten Care program was started in August of 1994 to serve afternoon Kindergarten age children before and after school. The Kindergarten Care expanded to a School Age Care Program in the fall of 1995. The School Age Care Program serves children in grades K-3rd.

CLM Peace Project

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