Child Life Ministries
Office phone - (608) 838-4425
Email - kidsofclm@mcfarlandlutheran.org

CLM Administrator and Preschool Teacher: Sara Phelan 

picture of Sara

Program Director: Deb Nygaard

picture of Deb

School Age Teacher: Ruth Baum

picture of Ruth

Childcare Teacher: Kelli Breuer

picture of Kelli

Childcare Teacher: Tatiana Brown

picture of Tatiana

Childcare Teacher: Chris Cole

picture of Chris

Preschool Teacher: Kate Molenaar

picture of Kate

4K: Beth Daoust-Miller

picture of Beth

Preschool Teacher: Vicki Radloff

picture of Vicki

Preschool Teacher: Jess Roth

picture of Jessica

4K: Katie Schaaf

picture of Katie

School Age Teacher: Rachel Scott

picture of Rachel

Preschool Teacher: Jean Stube

picture of Jean


Preschool Teacher: Jane Updike

picture of Jane


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