Christian marriage is a union of persons which begins at the altar and in which both members maintain a faithful growing relationship, not only with one another, but with the Church of Christ and His world.

The Christian wedding is an act of worship. The Christian wedding is a ceremony in which Christians, particularly, as bride and groom, come together to offer special thanks and praise and ask God’s blessing upon life together as husband and wife.

As bride and groom, you have a particular reason for thanks and praise. God will unite you as husband and wife, and it is God who has given you an example of perfect marriage in the relationship between Christ and His Church.

Because the service of Marriage in the Christian Church is a worship service first, and a ceremony second, it is important that everything be done with a serious mind and according to God’s will.

Ordinarily weddings in this congregation are for baptized and confirmed members of the Christian Church, whose intentions are to participate in the life of the Lutheran Church. Nonmembers who agree to participate in the membership preparation process, in addition to premarital counseling, are also welcomed to become members of McFarland Lutheran Church. Preference for dates, time, and counseling arrangements will be given to congregational members.

Click on the Wedding Booklet to read the details about wedding planning at McFarland Lutheran Church.

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