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my heart feels so heavy about the past week and weekend. It seems almost too much to take in. Explosive devices being sent to people throughout the country, the horrible tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday, and just this Monday morning hearing of a school shooting in North Carolina. Adults and children just going about their daily lives, and happening to stumble in the line of fire, or be targeted for their religious beliefs. We pray for their families and loved ones, and for the First Responders who enter in without reservation. At CLM, as so many do after these events occur, we again become hyper vigilant about security measures we have in place, being aware of people in the building, and making sure our doors are locked when we are in the classrooms. But we know that with all we do, we cannot become like a citadel in lockdown 365 days a year. So we do the best we can and pray that one day the nation and media is not focused on our schools, our church, and our community with the attention that comes in the wake of tragedy.

Our jobs as teachers and directors become more than that of curriculum and budget minding. I stand at the door and greet families and we smile and yet the tension of another shooting is heavy in the air. And these most precious of children walk in with trust and confidence, and we understand so well our awesome responsibility of care.

I know this may seem like a very sad and serious topic for our CLM spot, and I spent much time in thinking whether to address it. But children give us the most uplifting reasons for life as well as being some of the most vulnerable in protection of their own safety. We take it seriously, and we continually ask God to provide us with the amazing care and compassion that He provides or all who believe in Him. May we never hesitate to speak up or speak out about a concern for safety, while continuing to trust in a God who hears our every prayer and knows our every vulnerable weakness.

God’s Peace and Protection to all of you, Deb

Tuition Assistance

This program helps children attend Preschool and continue Childcare when they may otherwise not be able to participate at CLM. Families apply for this help, understanding that their child’s spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development is so very important. Recipients and their families are grateful for the opportunity to attend this outreach ministry at McFarland Lutheran Church. You can touch a child’s life by making a donation - anything you can do will help our families in need. Tuition for a child to attend:

**Our tuition ranges from $135 to $249 which covers all our programing from Tots to School Age.

Remember you can help with any donation, a month’s tuition, or a full year’s tuition! If you are a Thrivent Member, you direct your Choice Dollars to CLM in support of Tuition Assistance. Log on to for more information. You can make a donation by writing a check to McFarland Lutheran Church or Child Life Ministries, and put “Tuition Assistance” in the memo line.

If you have any questions please contact Deb or Sara.


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Child Life Ministries (CLM) is an important ministry to the children and families within McFarland and the surrounding communities, as a preschool and childcare provider for children ages 2 1/2-10 years. It is a joy and a privilege to serve you.  Please watch this 5 minute Video about CLM.


The Child Life Ministries offers programs for preschool, pre-kindergarten, and school-aged children as well as full time child care. See a brochure about CLM or read more about our programs.



We believe that in order for children to grow and learn, they must have a program that provides a nurturing and comfortable environment that is structured to meet the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of each individual child. Our program focuses on the development of the whole child. Our philosophy has its roots in our Christian belief that each child is a special and unique gift from God. Our philosophy is also largely based on the work of Erikson and Piaget and so we feel that children develop sequentially from one stage of development to another. Therefore, we provide children with opportunities that will challenge them and aid in their progression from one stage to the next. We also believe that children learn by doing. Active learning and its components are important parts of our curriculum.

Mission Statement

McFarland Lutheran Child Life Ministries is an outreach ministry of McFarland Lutheran Church to the young children of our community and their parents. Academic growth evolves through Christian care, worship, music, art, play, sharing, and story. Our school and childcare center embody a Christian atmosphere of love, acceptance, grace, and forgiveness to each individual child.


Our Child Life Ministries began in 1979 with the Martin Luther Christian Day School corporation. Since then our ministry has grown to expand on the preschool by the addition child care and after school care. More on our History.


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