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It is hard to believe preschool is coming to end!  We have ended the year with lots of fun including a walking field trip to the library for all preschool friends and a zoo field trip for the Pre-K and 4K friends!  We had a lot of parent volunteers take time out of their day to come to the zoo to help with the trip. We are very thankful for their help…it helps make our zoo trip successful!  The 3-year-old children and Pre-K friends had their end of the year program and they all did an amazing job singing!  The families enjoy watching their children up there singing but so do us teachers!  The Pre-K children also had their recognition night.  They all look so proud when they got called up to receive their cross necklace.  Deb and Luanne Platt ended the program with their song Good Night Kiss!  They have been singing this song for the Pre-K programs for about 32 years now!

The week of May 7th was Teacher Appreciation Week!  WOW!  The teachers were very thankful to the PGO, all our families, and the CLM committee!  Throughout the week we got breakfast, lunch, snacks, and two special gifts!  It was so nice to receive something special each day!  A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make our week extra special!

We are also starting to get ready for summer.  Our summer field trips have been planned and classroom activities are starting to be organized. CLM is looking for more Wii remotes and a couple of water tables for Rainbow South.  If you are doing any spring cleaning and are looking to get rid any these items please let us know!  Thank you!


Sara Phelan, Administrator


Thank you so much for having this scholarship fund available for the little ones and their families. This is our 2nd child to attend CLM preschool and we are so blessed to be able to finish out the year. My husband and I want to express our deepest gratitude for your generosity. The teachers at CLM are a wonderful blessing and this truly is a wonderful ministry. Many thanks!

Much Peace,

A CLM family


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Child Life Ministries (CLM) is an important ministry to the children and families within McFarland and the surrounding communities, as a preschool and childcare provider for children ages 2 1/2-10 years. It is a joy and a privilege to serve you.  Please watch this 5 minute Video about CLM.


The Child Life Ministries offers programs for preschool, pre-kindergarten, and school-aged children as well as full time child care. See a brochure about CLM or read more about our programs.



We believe that in order for children to grow and learn, they must have a program that provides a nurturing and comfortable environment that is structured to meet the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of each individual child. Our program focuses on the development of the whole child. Our philosophy has its roots in our Christian belief that each child is a special and unique gift from God. Our philosophy is also largely based on the work of Erikson and Piaget and so we feel that children develop sequentially from one stage of development to another. Therefore, we provide children with opportunities that will challenge them and aid in their progression from one stage to the next. We also believe that children learn by doing. Active learning and its components are important parts of our curriculum.

Mission Statement

McFarland Lutheran Child Life Ministries is an outreach ministry of McFarland Lutheran Church to the young children of our community and their parents. Academic growth evolves through Christian care, worship, music, art, play, sharing, and story. Our school and childcare center embody a Christian atmosphere of love, acceptance, grace, and forgiveness to each individual child.


Our Child Life Ministries began in 1979 with the Martin Luther Christian Day School corporation. Since then our ministry has grown to expand on the preschool by the addition child care and after school care. More on our History.


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