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McFarland Lutheran Church


The McFarland Lutheran Church Confirmation Program is a two year program for students in the 7th and 8th grades. The Confirmation Program includes annual requirements in the areas of worship, education, and service. Students are encouraged to worship weekly. The education curriculum consists of a Small Catechism Year and a Bible Year. Students are asked to help serve their church, community, and the world. The goal of the Confirmation Program is to joyfully worship, learn, and serve. The program prepares individuals to willingly be received as members of the church at the time of Confirmation. The formal Confirmation ceremony takes place after completion of the program requirements; typically in the fall of their freshmen year.

The commitment to be confirmed is the Affirmation of your Baptism.  Confirmation is the fulfillment of a promise previously made by your parents on your behalf.

The promise of Holy Baptism includes:

• Faithfully attending worship services in God’s house
• Learning the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments
• Studying the Scriptures and learning to live in the Christian faith
• Leading Godly lives until the day of Jesus Christ

Confirmation marks the completion of the Church’s program of ministry; a period of instruction in the Christian faith as confessed in the teachings of the Lutheran Church.  Upon completion of the confirmation program, those who willingly fulfilled the promise made at Baptism are welcomed as official members of the church.


“60 Assignments for 60 Minutes” 
• 20 Worship Services
• 20 Confirmation Classes
• 10 Service Events
•   8 Fellowship Events
•   2 Faith Talks


•1 Summer Experience


MLC Confirmation Syllabus 2011-12


MLC Confirmation Calendar 2011-12


MLC Registration Form 2011-12

For more information on Confirmation . . .contact our Youth Ministries Coordinator:

Chris Landerud
(608) 838-3184 (office)
(608) 444-3604 (cell)

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