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McFarland Lutheran Church

spirit of hope

Spirit of Hope is a Life-Coaching and Wellness Ministry of McFarland Lutheran Church.

Spirit of Hope can

  • Help you manage your personal matters
  • Help you to solve family and work-related difficulties
  • Encourage you to seek faith-based professional help
  • Guide you towards living a healthy and more fulfilling life


"A wise (person) will hear and increase understanding. And a (person) of understanding will acquire wise counsel"Proverbs 1:5(NASB)


"…woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift (them) up.."Ecclesiastes 4:10b (NASB)

Living life can be exciting, challenging and fulfilling. But living life also includes times of stress, discouragement and pain. Family pressure, work related pressure, difficult decisions, unhealthy patterns and other problems can become unmanageable in everyone’s life.

There are times when seeking wise counsel about how we are managing these stresses can be helpful and lead us to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. All of us may benefit from time to time from some wise counsel about how we are managing our lives.

Spirit of Hope is here for you!

Spirit of Hope is a ministry of McFarland Lutheran Church in cooperation with


The Integral Psychology Center
1619 Monroe Street
Madison, Wisconsin

This is a state-certified clinic that has been providing care for 30 years All staff have a Master’s or Doctorate degree in their field and are licensed, certified or approved by the State of Wisconsin. Counselors are available by appointment only. They are not available beyond regular clinic hours.

When should I call?

  • When an objective outside opinion would be useful to you.
  • When your problems and decisions are becoming too overwhelming to handle.
  • When feelings of depression, discouragement or unhappiness interfere with your day to day living and your ability to function at home or on your job.
  • You should also call when you simply desire guidance with self-care and enhancing your relationships. 

Is information about me confidential?

Absolutely! The names and difficulties of those calling Spirit of Hope will not be shared with your pastor(s), congregation, family members or anyone else. The legal limits of confidentiality will be explained to you and will apply in cases of potential harm.

How much will this cost me?

Your time and energy! Spirit of Hope will provide you with up to 3 visits per year at no charge to you. If appropriate, we may bill your health insurance for the portion they would pay. You will not be billed by Spirit of Hope for the first 3 appointments.

How do I make an appointment?

Simply call (608)-255-9330 in Madison and say that you are calling to make an appointment through Spirit of Hope. A professional counselor will return your call to briefly discuss your interest over the phone so that you can be assigned to the must appropriate staff member. Evening appointments are available.

Life-Coaching Professional Evaluation Counseling and / or Referrals By faith-based professionals

Call Today!
(608) 255-9330

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